SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation ) is one of a number of methods to market your business online and comes under the heading ” Digital Marketing ” We have a number of courses available that all come under the Digital marketing heading, ideally with any successful business they would do a number of strategies to market their business.

SEO is the organic search listings which is the most effective way to market a business and our training courses are designed to suit everyone, with courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced users these can be done in our office, your office or online.

Social Media

Social Media is an area where you can get decent exposure if you do it properly, we have training courses which show you how to maximise the impact you will have by promoting your products or services on these platforms. Its not enough to just frequently post on these platforms there are many other ways in which you can promote yourself and get in front of people.

We offer training courses that will show you the tools and methods we would use to market our business well on social media. This is a service we have provided for clients all over the world.

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click is another method used by Digital Marketing agencies to help business win clients online, we do have courses available to give you the right training to ensure that you can manage and monitor Pay Per Click campaigns properly. There is a number of courses available depending on what you are wanting to learn, there is basic PPC and advanced PPC courses, which can be done in our classroom, in your office or online.

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