WordPress and the benefits

Our one day WordPress training course will teach you what WordPress is and the benefits that it can offer to business owners.

WordPress Web Design

During our WordPress training course we will teach you about how you can design a WordPress website. You will be taught how to add multimedia, pages and blog posts too, allowing you to cut down on costs for paying web designers to do it for you.

WordPress Security

As well as covering WordPress web design we cover WordPress security, this is something that people often forget about. Security is an important factor for any website, especially WordPress websites because they are generally more of a target than websites on other platforms. During this course we will cover updating plugins, updating themes and updating the version of WordPress, back-ups and everything else related to WordPress security.

Training options

We have a number of different options available when it comes to our training, making our courses completely flexible. You can opt to train with us online or you can come out to our workplace for training, whatever you prefer. Email support and skype calls are available for those who do our training online.

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